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Narcissism Hacker - Conflict Analyst & Strategist - Relationship Coach - Medical Culture Researcher - Burnout & Bullying Prevention - Institutional Trauma & Moral Injury Educator - Empathy Preservation Consultant - Reputation Management - Thought Process Modifier - Peer Coaching App Co-founder - Healing Facilitator  - Author

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This is where I post my collection of thoughts, practical strategies and media, as well as opportunities to learn approaches that enhance empathy, self-awareness, assertiveness and critical thinking. You likely found me because you have questions, concerns or feel lost about your professional experiences or personal relationships. My aim is to expose you to information to help overcome the relational barriers and to negotiate meaningful & positive changes in relationships that occur within compromised, hostile or toxic cultures.

To eradicate inequality, narcissism and the resulting suffering in all its forms, we can address the root causes and their influence on behaviour, the quality of our relationships, social and societal health. 

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